As a 6 month-old food park, which celebrated its grand opening last November 26, 2016, Grub Hub Food Park has already been attracting attention from all sides.

Grub Hub Food Park

With Insta-worthy interiors and the promise of awesome food, we can see why people are flocking to this food park.

Here are 10 more Grub Hub Food Park features that will make you plan your visit ASAP:

Air conditioned

Grub Hub Food Park

The Green House is the air conditioned room of the food park and is also at the center of the park where wooden tables, comfy seats, a door table, and hanging plants all make a comfortable area you’ll want to lounge in for hours.


Located at Visayas Ave. in Quezon City, Grub Hub is accessible to most, be it students, employees, or families since it is close to many offices, schools and subdivisions. The food park is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm during Sundays-Thursdays and 11:00 am to 1:00 am on Fridays-Saturdays.

Fit for family gatherings

The place is covered and protected from the heat of the sun as well as the rain, making it suitable for families with kids and infants. Stalls at Grub Hub Food Park have a wide array of food offerings fit for all-ages.

3 dining areas

To differentiate itself from other food parks, owners Mika and Jamo organized the food stalls according to type of food they are serving – heavy meals, desserts or snacks.

Grub Hub Food Park

The Junkyard Dining Bar – Where all dessert food stalls are located, found to the right side of the entrance. They used recycled materials from their old restaurants like recycled water basins and chairs. The tables used in this area are painted murals done by BGC and UP Artists.

Grub Hub Food Park

The Greenhouse – The air-conditioned room right after the Junkyard Dining Bar, full of plants and old wood. Families can bring their children inside for a more comfortable time. There is also a stage in this area where bands perform live on select dates.

Grub Hub Food Park

 The Hippie Yard – The last dining area is located in the back of the food park. Designed by Mika to make it look paradise-y, like Boracay, this is where you can order snacks such as most sinful Filipino pulutan like grilled isaw.

19 awesome, unique stalls

Grub Hub Food Park

There are about 9 big stalls located at The Hobbit Hall, where most food stalls serving lunch or dinner are located. There are also 10 smaller stalls that serve more snacks and desserts. Each stall is specially curated so no two serve the same kinds of food.


Grub Hub Food Park

Grub Hub Food Park is a vibrant place where the walls are filled with artsy murals from BGC Artists and UP Artists.

The staff

The staff are all smiles inside Grub Hub. From the guards to the food stall tenants, you will definitely feel their warm welcome in this food paradise.

The live band

For music lovers, Grub Hub is currently hosting a Battle of the Bands from Thursdays to Saturdays. Semifinals will be in June and the finals are on July 2. Drop by for a night of great food and awesome music!


From the interiors to the food, you will definitely leave the place with a lot of pictures to share.

Awesome food equals a fully satisfied and happy tummy

Grub Hub Food Park

The stalls are Aji Sushi, Papa Beer, Papa Natz Pizzaria, Miggy Piggy, St. Mick’s Wings Bar, Chicas Chicharronia, Mrs. Lumpia, Brooks, Noble Comida, Yzzy Eats, Mang Larry’s , Wicked Kitchen, Big Tummiez, Sub Zero, Café Fratello, Hokkian Kitchen, Porchetta MNL, and Grub Bar.

Grub Hub is at 47 Visayas Avenue, Corner Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City, Philippines and is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Words by Claire Jeaed Jose and Yodel Berdin
Photography by Shara Mae Bermas

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