A weekday afternoon in the city means two things for me, either you’re walking for your work or you’re enjoying each bit of the sunny afternoon as a tourist, and in our case we could say that we were both of those last August 3, 2017 at Fujifilm’s Photo Art City. Arts and crafts, galleries, and more photographs filled our paths on that day as they also launched their newest cameras together with their latest ambassadress.

The City Tour

A loud cheer filled the hall when host Cerah Hernandez opened the event. Tomoyuki Fukura, Fujifilm Philippines’ President, thanked everyone who came, after which, with loud screams from fans and a round of applause, the confetti rained on us to welcome the new brand ambassadress, Liza Soberano.

To start, she toured us around the exhibit area and even showed off her photography skills. The first stop of the tour was at the X-A3 Selfie Booth where Soberano posed for the latest Fujifilm X-A3 and showed its 180-degree tiltable LCD monitor. The ambassadress then brought us to what we call the “food heaven” of the Photo Art City, which is the X-A3 Cafe, where she showcased the foodie in her taking photos with the 24.2 megapixel camera.

The colorful day did not stop there as Soberano made cute Instax & Crafts at the Instax 9 Park. The new SQ10 is social media-friendly, as it showcases the captured photos in square formats.

An exhibition was the final stop of the event, showing the behind the scenes of the new marketing campaign. Soberano showed that she’s not only the best fit for the brand, making us see that the cameras are not just for professionals, but also for the hobbyists and aspiring photographers.

Onto The Road Ahead

Soberano then shared with the Explore Philippines team about her excitement to bring her new cameras with upgraded features to the beach and capture their family moments, capturing the sentiments of many other Filipino travelers and aspiring photographers. 

Indeed, the future is bright for the brand and we are excited about its creative innovations!

Many thanks to the Fujifilm team.

All photographs taken by Jisa Atrero

Eena Macaspac

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