Fete de la Musique 2017 started with a Kick-Off party at Novotel Manila Araneta Center last June 15. “Bonjour,” said the front of house personnel, and with Jazz music heard through open doors, I knew that it would be an exciting night. Along with the great music, Alliance Français de Manille easily won our hearts with a variety of French cheese, bread, sweets, wine, and a bottle of Perrier!

Guest French band, Encore!

Verse and Chorus
“Where should I begin?” That is the constant question in my mind, since there were 30 Pocket Stages in Makati last June 17 to choose from. We started with the calmer part of Makati, which is the Fete Acoustic stage at A Space Makati. A few steps down the road led us at the cozy Bedroom Beats Stage at The Belle & Dragon.

From top left to bottom right: Bedroom Beats Stage at The Belle & Dragon, Acoustic Stage at A Space Makati, Indie Stage at Century City Mall, Eclectic Stage at I’M Hotel, Island Music Stage at Aloha Bar & Grill, Mount Zion Stage at Pura Vida

After the walk we then traveled to the jam-packed Fete Indie stage at Century City Mall Makati, and like the flowing hair of Deejae Paeste’s art piece at the background, we were welcomed to Fete’s Eclectic stage. We drove once more to our next stage and visited Fete’s underrated stages, which are the Fete Island Music Stage and Mount Zion Stage, where we discovered a great upbeat community.

Hiphop Stage at The Studio

To my surprise, The Hiphop Stage became my favorite out of everything for the day; this was where I got out of my comfort zone in music. I have learned to embrace their culture through the beauty of their words in a different light. The whole crowd was like a family, and a culture that one would want to be part of.

The loud beats at the Circus Stage, Basement Stage, and House Party Stage became our stage-hopping ender. This was where we saw that even when most were tired, everyone was still dancing. In these stages we saw another culture where everyone’s still young or young at heart, and for them the night was just starting.

Circus Stage at XXXX 20:20

The entire day became the reason on why I thought Fete de la Musique is its very own music; it is like a song with its own ups and down, all the while learning new things and simply having fun.

Like a bridge of a song, the scorching heat in the beginning and the Friday traffic in Manila did not stop the patrons of Fête de la Musique singing along at Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros with the genre-bending lineup of the festival. 

From top to bottom: Ron Henley, Bras Pas Pas Pas Pas x Switchtrik x B-boy Garcia, The Ransom Collective

“Intramuros makes you feel like a tourist in your own country,” and we truly agreed with the thought of World of Patterns owner and host, Luisa Jimenez. The city has that vibe, which is the perfect scenic place not just to hold an event like this, but also to rediscover the Original Filipino Music of our time.

Intramuros stage’s headliner. Autotelic

We are truly excited to see more homegrown talent in the future, especially at the next Fête de la Musique Philippines.

Photography by Tomi Koshikawa, Raniel Juanico, Kevin Tankiko, Reinier Abagat

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