Now on its fifth year, Satchmi Vinyl Day serves as living proof that in music, the past and the present can come together seamlessly in a fantastic event, and even get you very excited for the future.

Of a classical variety

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017
Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017

Remember heading over to your high school fair with childlike excitement and giddiness? That’s what I felt coming into Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017. Sparkling fairy bulb lights and an array of vinyl racks welcomed everyone into the event space, and pop-up shops lined each side of Green Sun’s The Eye last Saturday, June 3. Pop-up shops include local brands Film Folks, Focal Multimedia, The Greenhouse Project, Milk Collective, Leather.PH, Divoom, Tomorrow, Jappy Lemon, Polly Patch, Fine Time Studios, and Pundesal.

Pop-up shops at Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017
Vinyl collectors trying out the latest Motorino Mk. III

It is truly impressive how Satchmi unites a diverse mix of communities yearly – older generations reminiscing recordings of days past, millennials just starting to fall in love with the vinyl culture, and families, big and small, that share a common love for music. Even in today’s digital age, vintage culture continues to be casually and effortlessly in vogue, may it be through vinyls, digital turntables, analogue cameras, and even prints.


the band cheats
Photography by Charles Villaruz

This year, Satchmi teased event-goers with a number of clues and the hashtag #MysteryMonsters on social media to guess which surprise band will be performing during the day. To the delight of fans, the organizers then revealed that Cheats will be performing for Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017. During my quick interview with the band members, they shared that they are working on new music to be released soon. If you’re a fan, make sure you stay tuned for more of their singles, as the new songs will be a prelude to their new album, inspired by recent world events. 

Genre-bending set of performances

From top: Josh Buizon of Over October and Mike Constantino of Conscious & The Goodness

The crowd started to occupy the area in front of the stage as Satchmi Vinyl Day’s host, the energetic and charming Candy Gamos, officially welcomed everyone to the event. Not too long after, pop/alternative band Over October started their performance, followed by Jazz Hop Soul band Conscious & The Goodness, setting the mood with their sexy music. Hip hop artist Ninno performed expressive songs that brought everyone together in a beautiful moment, after which Nanay Mo rocked out on the stage, closing out the afternoon session.

From top: Tom’s Story and Ben&Ben
Photography by Eena Macaspac

House lights dimmed as Tom’s Story struck their first beat, and the colorful video art filled the walls of Green Sun’s The Eye, surrounding the crowd moved by the band’s instrumental piece. Oh Flamingo! then followed with that catchy youthful vibe of generations past. Soothing music then followed, brought to us by Outerhope, while Ben&Ben gave us the feels with their folk pop songs.

The perfect end to Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017

The crowd cheered louder as the sweet soulful voice of Jess Connelly filled the room, starting a late evening filled with more music. Cheats, the #MysteryMonsters, were the next ones to grace the stage with a lively performance that made almost everyone in the crowd beam from ear to ear. Everyone was dancing, hands were in the air, and the crowd definitely enjoying the upbeat music.

From top: Jess Connelly, Saab Magalona of Cheats, and Apartel

Following Cheats’ energetic performance, Apartel delivered some soulful jazz music as the event came close to the end. The legendary Ang Bandang Shirley capped the evening and the event off as they performed their hits with just the right amount of feels and nostalgia, the perfect way to end Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017.

“Uuwi na, uuwi na,” the crowd chanted before Ang Bandang Shirley sang their hit, Nakauwi Na. It gave me goosebumps, and in that moment I knew that even though it was late in the night and I was alone in the crowd, I was home. All of us were enjoying the same music and were there to celebrate the spirit of local art and vinyl culture, and I felt truly one with the crowd. Only Satchmi’s Vinyl Day could have created that dream moment for me, and I am truly excited for many more years of pure music and vinyl love.

Photography by Tomi Koshikawa, Raniel Juanico, Kevin Tankiko

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