Here’s a quick cheat code to get you ready for a cool and fair wandering #WanderlandPixels2018



We’re sure you’ve heard: Wanderland Music and Arts Festival is rocking the grounds of Filinvest once more on March 10, Saturday from 12:00pm to 12:00 midnight.
March 10. Saturday. Same place, same craze. And you’ve probably noticed it with just a scroll through their Facebook and Instagram page; it’s a gaming field this year. Tickets have been selling like hot pancakes the moment the organizers dropped them on their website. In fact, it’s nearly sold out! So if you’re planning to wander this year, grab your tix here before they’re all gone for good:

For the meantime, here’s a quick cheat code to get you ready for a cool and fair wandering.


Of course, we’d advise you to play it fair. But actually, you don’t have any opponents here – but yourself. Whether you’re an old-line patron, a frequenter, or a first timer of the festival, you’ve got to know that the first rule is to not let yourself go low, don’t hesitate to scream and sing and jump and dance and go mad as a hatter to the sick beats you’re about to hear. Just be it an open-field music festival and no, don’t worry about the crowd cause they will be just as hyped up as you’ll all be. Also, they’ve got medics and first aid stations to back you up (just in case).

Rule#1: You are not allowed to bring any of the following objects inside the venue:
Weapons, sharp objects, bottles, glass, anything studded, spiked or chained fashion items, pointed umbrellas, lighter, laser lights or pens, fireworks, scooters, bikes, pets, alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal substances.

Rule#2: You are not allowed to use your DSLR or any professional recording equipment during the event.
Allowed weapon of choice? Mobile, compact, or point and shoot cameras.

Rule#3: If you exit the gates, there’s no turning back.
Rule’s rule, so keep this in mind.

Rule#4: You are not allowed to bring food and drinks inside the festival area.
This includes cans, food, food containers, drinks, and yep, tumblers. This may sound off to those who are always hungry, but there’s a lot of good reasons why this rule exist and one of that is to keep the venue clean – no one wants to sit on the ground with grimy mess around. But don’t worry; there will a good lot of food merchants at the festival to save those growling tummies!


And as for the final stage, we’ll just leave you this: the complete band lineup for this year’s Wanderland Pixels.

  1. Kodaline
  2. Jhene Aiko
  3. FKJ
  4. Daniel Caesar
  5. Lauv
  6. Bag Raiders
  7. Jess Connelly
  8. Quest
  9. IV Of Spades
  10. Ben&Ben
  11. Asch
  12. Basically Saturday Night
  13. Carousel Casualties

Ready to see them live on stage? Game on, Wanderers.

Visit Wanderland Fest’s official website for more information.

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