Can’t get enough of History Con 2016? Let’s cure the hangover and the madness with more!

History Con, the biggest entertainment convention, is set to build their stage in the Philippines for the second time to bring full action-packed experience to Filipinos this year. This time, it’s bigger, better and bolder as History Channel celebrates its 10th year in Asia making a mark in the country’s history again.

So what’s really there to be excited for? (It’s a lot, we swear!) Let’s break it all down in numbers.

50,000 and more!

From an astounding 50,000 attendees last year, 2017’s History Con is made bigger, expanded to accommodate more visitors and exhibitors and added activities for the crowd to participate in! Imagine the grandeur last year and add a little more –that is how extra History Con Manila 2017 will be.

300 Exhibitors’ Display

For those who are hands-on when it comes to designing their home, one of the 300 exhibitors who will make up the convention is FYI’s Home and Living Fair that comes with tutorials and workshop sessions by Tiny House stars. For the creatives and fashion frenzies, there will be style and beauty displays, arts and crafts booths. And for the explorers, there will be culinary, travel and adventure section to dig into. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

15 Big, Shining Stars

Who would forget the appearance of the ‘Alien Guy’ Ancient Alien’s Giorgio Tsoukalos last year? Well, this year, History Con will bring Pawnstars’ Correy Harrison to Manila as replacement to father, Rick, with more History Channel celebrities and favorites. Filipino celebs, Celebrity Car Wars’ Phoemela Baranda and James Reid, will also be there to entertain the crowd.

10 Awardees For History Maker Awards

As part of the celebration for History Channel Asia’s 10th anniversary, 10 notable individuals who have made a significant impact in the country’s life and culture will be awarded in the HISTORY Maker Awards.

4 Epic Days to Celebrate

Starting from August 10, the biggest entertainment convention will be open until the 14th in the World Trade Center so clear out your calendar for this historic event and don’t forget to tag your whole family and friends along.

3 New World Records to Break

Eating the most burgers in one minute is so last year. 2017 is for new world records to break. What will these be are to stay tuned for! Besides this History Con highlight, there will also be a 3 on 3 Retro Basketball and History Bee Inter-school Tournament, Cosplay Competition, Airsoft Wargames and a whole lot more.

If you get here without feeling the excitement, then we suppose you go to History Con Manila 2017 yourself to experience all the fun firsthand. Get your tickets now at and you may also visit for more information.

Don’t miss this four-day action-packed experience and be a part of history. See you there!

Words by Kayleen Reyes and Marisol Gaspar
Photographs are from the History Con 2017 Team

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