Comprising various recreational activities and amenities settled just a few kilometres away from the Metro, Sky Ranch Tagaytay, I must say, deserves to be on the list of most recommended destinations in Tagaytay City.

It was a cloudy afternoon when our team arrived on the five-hectare leisure and entertainment complex. Excitement and anticipation were sketched visibly on our faces upon seeing the beauty of its vicinity; we already had a hint that the next hours are going to be fun.

For a quick warm-up, we had the Nessi Coaster as our first stop. I was reminded of the feeling I had the first time I tried amusement rides when I was a kid─ the eagerness and fervour for adventure. From its adorable yellow wagons to its trail’s small drops and swirls, the kiddie coaster gave us some kind of a fun throwback experience.

All ready for more thrilling activities, we immediately headed to that ride amusement parks must have, the Super Viking. It does have the typical swings and extremity, but what’s unique with Sky Ranch’s? The refreshing cold breeze hitting our skins and the sneak peek of Taal Lake contributing to our experience at every drop. Here’s a tip: try settling on the corners of the gondola, take some time to check on your friends’ reactions, and rest assured it is going to be more entertaining!

Our team then took a break through a few cycles on the two-floor Grand Carousel set right in front of the open view of the lake. Carousels will never be out of style, I thought. That being everyone’s comfort zone, shall be considered the heart of every amusement park.

We just got off the ride when we remembered the little girl who screamed her lungs out from the Drop Tower located just a few meters away from us. Take note: the girl rode it all by herself! Being the competitive kids and such, we went for the same challenge and immediately queued up for the ride. Round two has been set right after minutes of unexpected and literal ups and downs. There, our Graphic Designer and I agreed to a #NoScreamingChallenge to add up to our excitement.

It was only 4 p.m. when the weather became unpredictable. However, it did not stop us from settling our feet in the remaining rides available. We spent nearly ten minutes pedalling up the air in Sky Cruiser, then another set of minutes in Log Coaster (coaster for adults) which is indeed more thrilling than the previous ones.

Lastly, of course, we did not let the ten-minute experience on Sky Eye pass. The second tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines elevated us 63 meters above the ground, and despite the fog engulfing most of the area that day, it still showed us the astonishing and calming view of Tagaytay City and the famous Taal Lake and Volcano which anyone surely deserves especially after a long drive.

Other than the said rides, the park also holds a number of leisure activities ideal for any kind of guests like the Wonder Flight, Flying Bus, Jump Around, Red Barron, Toy Swing, City Rail, Racing Car, Fastrak Convoy, and a lot more.

Sky Ranch is also visited for the horseback riding activity and zip line it offers, as well as for its 2,000-sqm. events place which is usually used for fairs, receptions, and conventions, known as The Venue.

We used our remaining time to admire the serene atmosphere of the park. Upon doing so, I observed that still living up to Tagaytay City’s tag as a food destination, a huge variety of food in stalls and restaurants was around to serve and satisfy each guest’s cravings. This park, truly, is for everyone.

So here goes my bottom line: if your group is planning to grab some time to chill out and you’re into fun activities, dares, and challenges like us, be extra creative and this place would be perfect for you!

Words by Ela Mae Bendaña
Photography by Anne Baloy and Karl Yeh

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