Certified SOA Architect

A Certified SOA Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the mechanics of SOA through the physical design of service-oriented technology architectures, service-oriented solutions, and related infrastructure.

To be considered an expert in this field requires a solid understanding of the service-orientation design paradigm including all related design principles and the effects of their application.

The availability of Prometric exams, self-study and classroom training, workshops, and so forth, makes this a more mainstream IT certification than most of the other IT architect certs included in our list.

There are three primary elements of the Certified SOA Architect credential:

  1. Design of service oriented technology architectures, including both logical and physical design.
  2. Deployment and delivery of working technology solutions based on such designs, followed by typical post-delivery lifecycle management issues and concerns.
  3. Ability to integrate SOA solutions into general IT infrastructures, and to maintain and grow such infrastructures to accommodate change, growth, and introduction of new tools and technologies over time.

Certification requirements are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that the credential meets current industry needs. Courseware is revised accordingly, so credential seekers should frequently review the official website to ensure they have the latest requirements.

SOA School also offers other Certified SOA credentials including:

To achieve this certification, the following exams must be completed with a passing grade:

  • Exam S90.01: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
  • Exam S90.03: SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam S90.08: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Lab

Certification Name

Certified SOA Architect

Prerequisites & Required Courses

No specific requirements, training or prerequisites

Number of Exams

Five exams:
S90.01 Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
S90.02 SOA Technology Concepts
S90.03 SOA Design & Architecture
S90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
S90.09 SOA Design & Architecture Lab

Certification Fees

Self-study cert kit bundle voucher: $1,196 USD, $1,596 USD with exam vouchers
Individual self-study module: $299 USD, $399 with exam vouchers
Most individual exams are $150 USD, exam S90.09 is $175 USD



Self-Study Materials

Self-study kits and workshops available at www.soaschool.com/selfstudy
Search Amazon by exam ID number for third-party coverage for some modules and topics.


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