Divisoria and Baclaran are some of the chart-toppers when the need to shop for anything under the sun arises, especially in the course of holiday season. Little did we know, this space in Mayon, Quezon City generally known as Dapitan Arcade cradles a multifold of economical decors and furniture that can be a potential gift, giveaway, or simply a home ornament in time for Christmas season.

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Dapitan Arcade, a hearty tiangge and decor hub in Mayon, regularly vends Christmas decors all year round. From life-sized Santa Clauses to Christmas tree trinkets, all that you would need to fill your home with the Christmas spirit is just one ask away. Meanwhile, locally made furniture finds are also up for grabs when in Dapitan Arcade. Tableware, chandeliers, picture frames, wall mirrors and clocks, storage boxes, baskets, and anything you could think of is probably offered in each pasilyo that’s humbly situated in the tapered passageways of the area.


Santa Clause figurines, Php150 to Php350. Found in Dapitan Arcade, stall 2
Christmas lights, Php100 to Php400. Found in Dapitan Arcade, stall 33

Adjacent to Dapitan Arcade is the Dapitan Tiangge that sells almost the same products as of the arcade. In between the two are the stalls in the street where handicraft goods, plastic plants, containers, and other stuff can be bargained.



Here, we listed and divided some of the many Christmas decors and furniture we have unearthed that you might consider giving as a gift or hanging up on those lonely curves and edges of your household.

Christmas Decors

Cedar Christmas Tree, Php7,000. Found in Dapitan Arcade, stall 69
Christmas balls, Php40 each. Found anywhere in Dapitan Aracde and Tiangge; Cupcakes, Php40 to 50 each; Ice cream, Php40 each. Found everywhere in Dapitan Aracde and in Tiangge; Parol, 3 for Php100, found in the stall in between the arcade and tiangge, JG Store
Christmas tree skirt, Php500. Found in Dapitan Arcade, stall 24

Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Though the Christmas tree around the area may be too much to shell out of the pocket, we assure the quality and the durability of it is a keeper. The 7 ft., cedar Christmas tree is a highly realistic looking one, and is full of lush and profile to keep the Christmas spirit alive right in the convenience of your home.

While you may want to veer away from the usual Christmas balls, the cupcake and ice cream trinkets are here to sweeten your appetite even more, and the very Pinoy-like parol trinkets that definitely represent a  Pinoy Christmas are also here to color the look.

To top off the vibe of your tree, glam it up with a Christmas skirt!

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Garlands, Php850 to Php1,500. Found in Dapitan Arcade, stall 9


If you’re not into Christmas trees or don’t have time to put up one, then these garlands might just be the answer to your worries. It could be donned on the corners of your ceiling, stairway, or might as well roll it up as a wreath for your door!

4-stemmed Poinsettia, Php75. Found in the streets in between Dapitan Aracde and in Tiangge, stall 5


Of course, the wide-petaled flower that represents the color of Christmas in its green and red foliage won’t be out of every decor shopping list. It’s the perfect embellishment filler for your Christmas tree, garlands, and wreaths. With its charm that can’t go unnoticed, it has even become an annual school project back in elementary!

Angel Abaka, Php50. Found in stalls in between Dapitan Aracde and in Tiangge, Niña Bernadette Handicrafts Store

Angel Abaca

What could be more local than these angels made out of Abaca? Great display for your windows and side tables. One of these could also be an alternative to that star up on your Christmas tree!

Hang-up Tile Decor, Php50. Found in the street in between Dapitan Arcade and Tiangge, Petil Handicraft Store

Hang-up Tiles

If you’re sporting a white Christmas this year, these snowman hang-up tiles sure won’t kill your vibe.

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